People who live with a sex addict often find themselves battling self-doubt, shame, anger, confusion, and anxiety. They often find themselves plagued by overwhelming, endless questions.

Rogue River Counseling is a group of Certified Sex Addiction Therapists and Betrayed Partner Specialists with the necessary training and experience to be your advocate and help you on the walk towards healing. We offer individual, group and couples therapy. Our work with partners of sex addicts focuses on reclaiming their sense of self, developing and managing boundaries with their spouse, undergoing a therapeutic disclosure and rebuilding the relationship.

With the right support you can feel whole and find peace again. It is possible for your relationship to rebuild into something more intimate and deeper. Contact us today for help.

“Wounds don’t heal the way you want them to, they heal the way they need to. It takes time for wounds to fade into scars. It takes time for the process of healing to take place. Give yourself that time. Give yourself that grace. Be gentle with your wounds. Be gentle with your heart. You deserve to heal.

Dele Olanubi

Those who have lived with, loved and partnered with someone who struggles with Sex Addiction, have not only have had infidelity in their relationship, but most likely have experienced:

  • Multiple Betrayals

  • Empty Promises

  • Hiding Behaviors & Conversations

  • Persistent Lying

  • Gaslighting
  • A Confusing Scarcity of Intimacy

  • Constant Blaming for Insufficiency

  • Body and Relationship Shaming


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We can help you navigate the rapids. For more information, please reach out to us.