The unthinkable has happened; everything you trusted, hoped and believed in has fallen apart. You’ve been deceived and maybe made to feel like it’s your fault. Your trust, faith and boundaries have been violated in ways that may feel irreparable.

This is Betrayal.

Sleepless nights, unwanted images of the betrayal, panic attacks, depression, uncontrollable anger, guilt/shame/self-blame, irrational fear, confusion, damaged body image, mood swings, fear of intimacy, or uncontrolled intimacy.

This is Trauma.

When a relationship is betrayed through infidelity, financial duplicity or an emotional affair, it is a traumatic experience that impacts your life and well-being.  Navigating a broken relationship, and also navigating a way back from the damaging effects of the trauma is emotionally, psychologically and physically taxing.

Rogue River counselors are intimately familiar with betrayal trauma. We understand the complexities of self healing as one navigates the healing of, or ending of the relationship that was dismantled through the betrayal. Let us help you navigate these rapids and find your way back to healthy boundaries, a compassionate heart, and embodied wisdom.

“Fear lives in the head. And courage lives in the heart. The job is to get from one to the other.”

Louis Penny
Discovering You Have Been Betrayed is Overwhelming…

Breathe deeply and often. During this journey, you will have the air knocked out of you often. Learn to breath.

A friend, a colleague, a relative, a therapist…find someone safe for you to go on the journey of recovery with.

Your partner has been hiding for most of their lives.  It will take time and usually outside help is needed to come completely clean.

Boundaries with others, as well as with yourself, provides you with emotional, physical and relational safety.

Shame is a very common feeling around betrayal, and shame and trauma love the dark. Find trusted people and share with them.


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We can help you navigate the rapids. For more information, please reach out to us.