Marriage Counseling. Couples Therapy. Premarital Counseling.

At Rogue River Counseling, we are committed to helping you find a new, deeper level of connection and intimacy for your primary relationship.  Marriage is hard.  All couples arrive at dangerous rapids at some point in their relationship.  We can help you successfully navigate those points of tension, fear and danger.

Like every person is unique, we understand that every couple has its own distinct dynamic.  Some couples need to better understand how their family history is playing out in their current relationship.  For others, there is a great need to work on communication – sharing clearly and listening more. While other couples need help to identify and express the real feelings that are under the anger and frustration. Sometimes trauma, betrayal or addiction compromises the very foundation of the relationship.

Whatever the dynamic, we can help you and your partner.  

What We Work With Couples On

  • Communication

  • Conflict Management

  • Sexual Intimacy & Affection

  • Emotional / Physical Betrayal

  • Parenting

  • Premarital Counseling

  • Addiction

  • Mental Illness

  • Power Struggles

  • Fear & Anxiety

  • Big Life Changes

  • Difference of Opinions

Get to know Rogue River Counseling

Jason Hovey


It is awe-inspiring for me to meet people as they begin to rise out of the ashes of relational distress, betrayal or addiction and begin to find true connection and the freedom to be authentically known and loved.


Sex Addiction


Betrayal & Trauma


Partners of Sex Addicts


The Relationship

We can help you navigate the rapids. For more information, please reach out to us.