Overcome. Heal. Deepen. Reconcile.

At Rogue River Counseling, we offer counseling services and therapies to help people move towards healing, deepening, overcoming and reconciling.  We assist individuals, couples and families as they work through their struggles and challenges with the goal of growth and freedom. These services include trauma, emotional wounds, life transitions, current crisis, or continued engagement in destructive or unwanted behaviors. We meet with clients in our Annapolis office, or via phone and/or video conferencing for clients who are unable to meet in person.


Sex Addiction

Someone who struggles with sex addiction often finds themselves engaging in compulsive and escalating sexual thoughts and behaviors that can impact their life and relationships in a negative way. With our extensive experience, we help you understand and address these behaviors that can be shame-producing, self-defeating and destructive.


Relationship, Love and Intimacy Addiction

Intimacy disorders leave people suffering with heavy feelings of loneliness, shame and anguish.  Your intimate relationships are suffering and very broken.  Life feels chaotic, out-of-control and definitely overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to. We can help.

About the Rogue River

Named after the Rogue River in Southern Oregon, we believe life often mirrors this great river. Along with peaceful pastures, scenic views, challenging waters and fierce rapids are also dangerous falls, and swirling eddies…


General Trauma

Like every person is a unique individual, trauma and its effects are unique for each person. We have experience helping with all forms of trauma including PTSD, Complex trauma and developmental trauma disorder. With courage, commitment and connection, you can find your true self.


Couples Counseling

We are committed to helping you find a new, deeper level of connection and intimacy for your primary relationship.  Marriage is hard.  All couples arrive at dangerous rapids at some point in their relationship.  We can help you successfully navigate those points of tension, fear and danger.

We can help you navigate the rapids. For more information, please reach out to us.